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This powder swells up to 80x its size when heated
Why are we selling powder? 

Until we start shipping our Heatswell Coffee Cups, we thought you might enjoy playing around with its secret ingredient - a powder that swells when heated.  Enjoy. 

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Available Until stock runs out
Powder Additive
Mix it into paint, ink, paper, textiles, silicone, clay and more to create unique shapes, memorable visual effects, 3D Logos, fill spaces, insulate, pad and shapeshift all triggered by heat - a 100% genuine endothermic reaction.  A little bit goes a long way.

Great for Artists, Teachers, Designers, DIYers, Film & Music Video Prop Masters, scientists and the curious.  
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Pour a hot beverage like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup into this thin stackable coffee cup and watch its midsection swell to form a cool insulating collar – a 100% genuine endothermic reaction.

- No sleeves to slide on or fall down
- Stacks and Ships thin like a normal coffee cup
- Insulates fat like a coffee collar
- Hot Beverage activates insulating band
- 3D logos pop when hot drinks are poured
- Saves time by removing a routine step 
- Save on shipping sleeves separately
- Non-toxic and FDA approved 
- Recyclable and Biodegradable  
Heatswell Coffee Cups